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Sapto Djojokartiko participated in the opening night of Fashion Nation 2012 on Wednesday, April 11th at Senayan City’s atrium with a fashion show of 10 looks in which gold lips, platform heels and dramatic accessories completed the collection that’s a continuation from “Sang Randeng Girah“.

The models on the runway are not the only one who wears dresses from Sapto Djojokartiko because the gorgeous co-host of the event, Denise Keller, looks lovely in a romantic strapless dress from the Solo born designer.

You can also see an installation of a sleeveless dress with exquisite gold embroideries and beads that will be displayed until Sunday, April 22nd at Senayan City’s ground floor.

Browse through the designer’s Facebook fanpage for more images from the event.

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Fashion TV recently posted a one-minute video recap of Sapto Djojokartiko’s 2012 collection for Jakarta Fashion Week, Sang Randeng Girah, on their YouTube channel.

To complete your viewing pleasure, you can browse through the runway images and have a look at the exclusive photos taken during fittings and on the backstage of the Dewi Fashion Knights show that was held last November at Pacific Place, Jakarta.

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In this “Calon Arang” editorial published in the January 2012 edition of dewi magazine, with the styling works by Karin Wijaya, make up and hair do by Qiqi Franky and photographed by Davy Linggar, the models—Maiko, Marcella, Anna B, Masha and Julia—are wearing various selection of exquisite lace and sequins dresses with embroideries from the 2012 collection from Sapto Djojokartiko that was presented last November during Dewi Fashion Knights at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012.

Calon Arang is the name of a character from Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s book, “The King, The Witch and The Priest”, that inspired the Solo born designer for the collection titled “Sang Randeng Girah”.

You can view the complete runway images of “Sang Randeng Girah” here and you can also view the exclusive images taken during fitting and from the backstage just before the show, here.

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Upon closing the book authored by Pramoedya Ananta Toer titled as “The King, The Witch and The Priest”, Sapto Djojokartiko immediately went to his drawing board and created Sang Randeng Girah, a ten-look collection that was presented in Dewi Fashion Knights in the last day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 on Friday, November 18th 2011 at Pacific Place.

The story touched his mind where the character Calon Arang became his main inspiration. In an interview, the designer explained a little about Calon Arang, “She is vengeful, she is fierce, she is powerful and she’s a woman. That’s why this collection reflects Calon Arang, but the Calon Arang that would live and breathe amongst us in a modern time.”

In his first participation for Dewi Fashion Knights, the Solo born designer was representing the mystical part of Bali that rarely been touched by many people. The collection (in black, metallic, gold and the softest hue of pink) reflects Balinese tradition: lace for relief carvings, netted fabric for the flow of movement in a dance and the sequins that becomes the major player in the collection reflects the vibrancy and modernity that Bali has – and also what the modern woman is to Sapto Djojokartiko.

Other nuances and detailing that are involved in Sang Randeng Girah are the texture of rope, nails and hair.

You can view the complete images from the runway show in Sapto Djojokartiko’s Facebook fanpage, here.

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